“The only reason
for being a professional writer is that you
just can’t help it.”

Leo Rosten.

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Pierre Delerive, proud Frenchman by birth but Manhattan resident and U.S. citizen by choice, quit a successful business career to pursue his dream of being a writer. Several of his novels have since been published in France, one of which he adapted and directed for the big screen.

Le Passé Malgré Nous

“Malgré Nous” means “Against our will.” A native of Alsace, Roland was forced to serve in the German army. He survived the brutal war on the Eastern front, but the scars are deep. Late in life, he meets Claire, whose fiancé, a resistance fighter, was executed by the Nazis in 1942. The past finds a way back into their lives when Claire discovers that Roland hasn’t told her the whole truth about his days as a German soldier.


Do You Remember Me?

In wartime France, a young man was once forced to choose between selling his best friend to the Nazis, or saving his Jewish fiancée. Years later a telephone call reminds him that the past cannot be buried.

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